Telecom Lobby - remote neural monitoring

"The biggest battle is the war against ignorance." --Atatürk broadcast FM system, Barcelona


Remote neural monitoring, terrestrial radiowaves electromagnetic weapons hidden behind civilian installation. Broadcast FM radiators systems connected to special modulation modules. Military and not regulated networks used by church, state, military forces and nobles to do illegal control and black market. Forced labor. Slavery. Electronic harrasment, gang stalking, gas lighting, mind control and mass manipulation. Populism and the far right. A game of the elderly, who, as they are about to end their lives, destroy instead of build. The criminal asylum of the Church, the pruning of the nobility garden, a sept dedicated to the destruction of the youth where someone does money over it.

But there's another key of lecture. Different goals obtained by the radio waves European machine with different times of execution. Something similar to the management of the Unix scheduler but based on humans.

For all the sliced citizens, the only solution to fight is a collective complaint. Freedom. We're all brothers against the machine, which for one thing or another is merely a deception, only we must respect each other. We talk about techno a lot of friends of us have died because we haven't talk. Let's do it.

Frequencies not regulated below 8.3KHz used to stimulate the synapses of the human brain through electric radio waves, producing an electromagnetic field, similar to the magnetic field of the planets. Behind a game, #ModernSlavery, that play a part of the elite against the humanity. A game of control.

But what is to underline is the wireless brain machine interface, a command interpreter, a shell, that transform humankind into machines. A terrible crime and it is military related. Part of the traffic network.

Above that last mile data centers where quantum computing, neural networks and artificial intelligence are developed. But the base of all of that technological advance is slavery and the suicide business.

“Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa” --Antonio de Curtis