The systematic destruction of my life


I start living in Spain in 2007. Italy start to decline in 2001 with the second electoral victory of the right wing coalition house of freedom summit by Silvio Berlusconi. So i decide to go out of my country.

In Spain from 2008 i start working in a service to customer department of a local telecommunication equipment provider, it name was 34Telecom. Next i build a wireless network composed by 3500 nodes, it name is Meswifi. But i lost it. Why? That is one of the reasons why I'm under remote neural control.

And I will public explain it without any problems because of this I've lost also the love of my life.

Those was my possessions that I've lost in this systematic destruction plot by some high end users of the worldwide remote neural control network. Some high end Spanish users and a girl from Genoa that pertain to the Lion club and probably to the masonic Gran Lògia de Catalunya. For this plot my ex girlfriend, the women that I'm in love to, is victim of sexual harassment and probably her baby also. But she doesn't call me, we speak in this hell network and she was bound to induct to me to suicide acting in a fascist theater called "luz de gas" like I've already write.

Saray need help, please it is urgent.

More than this I've suffered:


But the worst think is that the women that i love was sold in forced prostitution after be victim of a very heavy brainwashing technique and sadomasochist sexual slavery.

I love you sweetie, be careful. Don't accept drug from anyone. Take care my sun flower.
ti amo

So I realize that I'm under slavery by a radio technology network the remote neural monitoring network that nowadays is based on a TETRA system modified. My history is similar to what is explained here:

I'm totally in love with my ex girlfriend Saray and she is also a victim of this control system where our life is subjected to slavery, parimutuel betting system and to be humans guineas pigs to the development of technology by high tech firm. All directed by nobility in a corrupted Europe.

Please help Felipe VI, king of Spain. Help house of Bourbon.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis