The noble blue whale game.

Blue whale game, Valencia

On 9 of October of 2018 in Valencia, the city where Saray was born, citizen had photographed a lot of dummies hanging from lamp posts. Look at the date, the 9. So strange the same number of my machine. And the dummy is black, my nickname here "el nero" and is a carton paper shape like the one that is used in shooting range. A target individual.

I'm a target individual in Barcelona Spain from one big Catalan family and another more little from Genoa, Italy from 29 November of 2017. Just so curious and, yes, in monarchy nothing is for case. All is under the control of the machine, and this is the sad story.

I'm victim of an articulated blue whale challenge all jousted in the Spanish remote neural monitoring network. All around this game there are nobles, church and operators that play in a remote parimutuel betting system. A remote casino, but in reality is real one with transposition coverage obtained by the mapping of the real ones, the ones in European and off shore fiscal paradises.

In the blue whale challenge people stalk the victim and induct him or her about doing worst and worst things, in my cases, me and Saray, were separated and like I've got described stalkers, that in reality are nobles, operators of this network and church related figures, also of high levels, start to machine our lives in opposites modes.

Phenotypic traits

So I'm victim of a noble "card" game. A game with world wide coverage. In Europe dominated for the nobility and the church. Stay tuned upon what is the number 9 and how many people had died under this number. Look at my site I will unveil all about:

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis