Remote neural monitoring network

From the end of the second world war and mostly in the cold war remote neural monitoring networks was developed.

Nowadays it is a multi layer radio frequency networks which structure similar to Internet tier division.

It's a soap of different radio service, very complex to analyze because of a smoke curtain covering this type of networks. Why? Because in the past they was utilized by secret services and nowadays are utilized my a digital mafia that hack human brains. Manipulate masses. Change political views. Destroy families. Bet on suicides. The aristocratic cast, the Vatican, audiovisual monsters, big tech facilities and also public and private space companies play with this.

Who bind those services? Facilities that buy services from official providers that bind legal services and got also this product under the table for big telecommunications clients. Normally are businessman that use to create B-side networks in a state and clean them in another with legal services. Medium hackers crew create small networks like this; but also governments silently sniff data about. It's the digital mafia.

Last mile normally is soak into official infrastructure. It's not a secret all the patents are public. A lot of are from the US patents office but there is someone from India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan and Korea. But can also be forged upon software defined radios.

Who are target individuals? For example who are classified as terrorist, like ETA in Spain, by governments was controlled by remote neural networks. But in the last ten years someone come to speculate over those networks forcing human clients to join this hell because of data selling to big tech companies, military facilities and audiovisual industry. Because of big masses manipulation.

There's also another big class of target individuals. People that come from illegal child traffic, assigned by the church, coming from big nobles families or dynasties, they are grown by families strictly connected with the Vatican. So Italy is a normal place where to find them because of the great power of the Vatican. In them life they are always utilized and next played like a game card. I'm one of them.

I'm in active remote neural monitoring from November 2017 and probably in passive from when I came to Spain. Ten years of passive and two of active with subliminal voice to skull service. I've lost all what I've done, but not my mental clearness.

This is only an horrible crime that they have done with my brain data and bet over my life.

I'm public writing all of this because of justice. It's difficult to demonstrate but a very important person in Spain is helping me in this network. So I'm doing it. Thank you great man and person. I'm searching for the woman that I'm love to and this book is dedicated to her and her baby. They forced her to go out from our house five years ago.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis