Organization chart

organization chart

First of all this organization it's strictly connected to child trafficking between Spain and Italy. Upon all of this shit there's the sold of data acquired illegally with remote viewing. That are sold obtaining enormous revenues probably all in bitcoin. To analyze this market remember the Monero crypt concurrency and others that are totally anonymous. It's important to understand that there are also a lot of gambling web pages where you can open an account and play in crypt concurrency. I think that a lot of them are strictly connected to this Casino.

This Casino is very articulated. Its the result of a great brainstorming from great minds. But to do pain and the systematically destroy people. Who are? And I'm not jocking. They are probably archbishops. Who are? Nobles that dedicate to study. Illuminati. Nothing more.

Organization chart of the Sagrada Familia Mafia. A subsidiary of SPECTRAM, a crew of non-state actors working for the aristocracy.

SPECTRAM subsidiary

Francesca in neural subliminal message service:

"Democracy doesn't exist with techno, this is how she calls the modern slavery network".

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis