I don't remember nothing about my first four years of life. Nothing. Who am I?

In my life a some times someone have tried to kill me. And until now I don't understand why and I didn't start to investigate. But now I know and now I'm doing it.

All is about the remote neural monitoring network. But not the one build in Barcelona to do a "game", that is not a game is a pseudo dictatorship, the one from the governments and military forces. But I don't know exactly why I've got to die. And who want that I've to die.

Obviously it's something connected to money, power and secrets. The Machine, the real one, I think that is assigned when you born from Vatican. Or from military and masonic lodges.

But my parents never tell me nothing. So I don't know it.

Do you know rage against the machine? Machine it's this system but also capitalism.

I'll try to explain better what is exactly the arguments Vatican related, but esoteric is touched and I don't want to fall on them like all others the websites speaking about this system do.

They say that my Machine, but I don't know where it is, what kind of system is and who host it, it's identify by the number 9. I think that it is related to the Italian republic government related, but i really don't know. Or it's a number assigned by the church or by the Spanish monarchy.

A couple of friends of mine have die in unknown or very little documented circumstances.

My parents' honeymoon

Barcelona 1978

My parents honeymoon was a cruise in the Mediterranean, the year was '78 like the newspaper above. Remember the figure of the butcher that I've got described? He is known also as the owl. In radio frequency in the subliminal message voice system of the synthetic telepathy network they know each other. What I know is that my parents went to Barcelona when they got married by the church. I don't really know if they went here others times. They have always been very cryptic.

My father has always speak in a very bad way about Spanish people. But I think that in reality they are very connected.

Markets and merchandise? Probably but I really don't know.

Our turtles

My pet when I was young

When I was born, in theory on 31 of March 1981 we lived for rent in via Guido Gozzano 1, postal code 16131 Genova.

My family, or step family I don't know, got a tortoise as a pet. They have bought the animal before I was born, always by theory. Now, why I'm speaking about my pet when I was young?

In the remote neural monitoring network in Spain in subliminal message services I've received information about the double meaning of the Pokemon numbers like I've described in my chapter machine numbers. In voice to skull they have said to me that my machine identification or better saying a group of human controlled by this illegal radio wave system and reduced to slavery and forced labor, human that in my opinion are victim of child trafficking between Spain and Italy and are bastards from very high noble houses and then assigned to a step family that I think that is culpable because they gain money probably a monthly fee, is the number 9.

Number 9 in the first pokemon id table is a turtle and is of the blue group. In Italian, sangue blu), means that a person got noble bloodline. Means from direct parents. I think that all humans in the group nine, that seams to be a German word, language that my father or step father speak and I don't really know why, are bastards or "game card" for nobility games. Be a nobility game means only one think, be a slave. Be a human guinea pig.

My mother Laura mental illness


From when I was born on 31 of March of 1981, in Genova at 17:50:28 at Galliera hospital, my mother fall in deep psychosis. Anxiety, depression and insomnia. She take benzoziapepine at industrial levels from about thirty five years! Yes she is a drugs addicted.

But why she is addicted and why just after my birth?

I don't know. Probably is something church related. I know that they thought that i was a girl and my name had to be Jennifer, in English because my grandmother was from Florida, US. I don't know. Are they my parents ? Or my case is something like this:


Another strangeness that my family have always told to me is that when I was born they thought that I was a girl named Jennifer. I really don't understand why my father or stepfather told me this tail. Probably to give an answer to the heavy sedative dependency that affect the mind of my mother. Or because he have played with her with the machine of the neural network to change the X-ray results from her pregnancy.

Neural network stalking

In this video obtained with blue led light and a video camera with low resolution you can appreciate the shape of my mother doing sexual electronic torture to me.

An unexpected gift

5000 lira

I remember a trip to Rome with my parents to Rome, where all the streets lead. I was just a child looking at those historical monuments with my eyes peering and my brain dreaming.

It was the first present of the street that I've found. Remember, my reader, that nothing in our Europe its guided by the case. All it's machined. And in Rome there's the Pope and the Vatican. At that time the Pope was John Paul II from Poland.

My mother, that as you can read above got some mental diseases, in my childhood forced me to a catholic life. I received baptism, communion and confirmation. I attended the catechism. I took piano lessons for at least five years. I did not know how to frequent the company of other children but I was always with her, a particular woman did not cook for her son and the same could not use his cutlery at the table. He often quarreled with Dad and the environment in the house was very tense, shouting, quarreling and separate environments. I was always locked in the room playing the only video game they gave me at Christmas. The curious case is that I never complained about this environment that began to actively fight from the thirteen years fighting against the introspective character that this woman had imposed on me. I managed to be a totally free man very early, around sixteen. And I'm very proud given the teaching, excellent in culture, but totally bigoted and conservative.

On the contrary, I am a leftist, liberal and socialist man. Long live freedom and democracy. Always.

For this reason my detachment from the mother's clerical bigotry and the consequent ineptitude of a father now retired and forced into this horrible environment, I could have ended up in the neuronal network with the final goal of the same, seriously ill, of my suicide or well a return to that environment.

But there are those who say no.

A strange car accident

san Viglio di Marebbe

In 1988 or 1989 in a mountain road near san Vigilio di Marebbe) a town in south Tyrol direction to Pederü in the Rudo Valley was winter and the season was very cold. My father was driving a Fiat Ritmo metallic blue without winter wheel. The road was full of ice. In a left turn the front of the car skated and with and the muzzle positioned itself frontally against the mountain; my father, perhaps without consciousness but the maneuver was very risky, instead of choking frontally at low speed in a safe area that was the side of the mountain on the left, He decided to turn sharply to the right on an icy road resulting in a round of one hundred and eighty meters putting the car in the front direction of an overhang) of at least twenty meters vertical jump and then end up in a bed of a totally frozen river. That is, he turned completely in the direction of a sure death . Chance wanted, and sometimes only in this exact case probably some superior entity, that a small fir wood stake of at least twenty centimeters in diameter parried the machine hovering between the road and the overhang with practically a third of it already outside from the fit. We didn't die for a plume.

Why he went in the cold valley on winter without snow tires or not even chains? Here in winter there's nothing to do.

I really don't know.

They know what happen to me in Catalunya, they know because I listen to them in radio frequency. What they've done is to take away the possibility of having that smile that they had in this beautiful photo in the mountains. The possibility of having a son like them they had and the possibility of loving the woman who fell in love with me only to see her. This is the truth about my personal tragedy in the neuronal control network. "brutto coglione" he humiliates me every second of the day.

Bergolo fraction of Cortemilia, Italy. MKUltra


Look at this playbill it's from 1998 from a little fraction of Cortemilia province of Cuneo in Piemonte.

The name of the fraction is Bergolo and the playbill it's from a festival, it's name was Canté Magg. The literally meaning is sing of may.

First of all look at the wikipedia article. This fraction has got only 68 residents but the article is translated in 29 languages! Next look at the "g" letter in the playbill, it's without any doubt a "9"; the "C" capital letter it's a crescent moon, the herald from the important noble surname in Catalunya got the same symbol.

Here something terrible happen to me and to one of the two brothers of Francesca, the owner of the "Illuminati" game, the pseudo dictatorship facility that is killing a lot of people in Catalunya nowadays in 2019.

What happen to me?

In Bergolo there was a festival, a live music festival, country stile. In the country side below the summit where the old fraction got it little middle age street done with artisan old rocks people mount a hippie stile meeting. Also full of punk and others underground culture movements.

Remember what I'm saying about this hell network? I speak about virtual rape, something that is described in " a rape in cyberspace" [15] a novel that describe this crime done by a cyberpunk.

punk van

This is something related to MKUltra project, and I'm victim of, and I'm in perfect mental state. A friend of mine have try to kill me in that moment because he hides me from the ambulance. The name of " José Rodríguez Delgado" could be behind.

Military technology evolved.

A fatal motorbike accident tragedy. Near the same fraction. Three years later. An accident like what I've lived on 28 November of 2015, the start of my systematic disruption of my life in Barcelona. They say in radio frequency that they bet over my death. And I personally know all of them.

It's this normal? I really don't think so.

Communion and Liberation


From 1994 to 2001 I go to high school Martin Luther King in Genoa, my born city. The normal curse was of five years of study. But I repeat two times; I never been a great scholar but I'm clever so I finish. The worst think is that the two years that I've lost was not really my fault, even if I repeat when I was eighteen I didn't study a lot.

Communion and Liberation is a Catholic movement, I call them a sect, very present actually in Italy and Spain. In my opinion and for my experience they work like an octopus in our democratic society. They are very dangerous in front of the ignorance deliberately cultivated in the last twenty years. Who is part of this sect legally recognized by Opus Dei silently inserts itself as an insect in the fundamental links of civil society. Schools, churches, gyms, politics, associations, music clubs, activity groups, municipal infrastructure, hospitals, professional orders for example. These elements of democracy infection serve to have key points in the democracy pillars. Infiltrators, that can be interpreted as double agents spying an enemy organization. These criminals legally recognized for a good part of the Catholic Church are what I call with the right noun, adept.

In reality those looser are only a think, fascist.

I frontally collide with this sept when I go to this high school. And no, I'm not obviously. I'm not a stupid, I'm an atheist, and in parliament a sit down in the left side. As usual, in this network but i was not conscious because probably only I was under neural monitoring but I don't listen to subliminal voices messages, all was a plot. A plot plan is something used in engineering, and my father belongs to the order of the engineer. A professional order got something similar to a ritual to get in, but those are only my two cents.

In this high school i know a person that I consider like my best professor, Liliana Boccalatte teaching history and philosophy. She helps me to understand our society and real meaning of the myth of the cave, something very important to survive in the remote neural monitoring network, to not going mad. I love her.

Cheers Liliana I know that you're reading me.

In that ridiculous, as usual because those adept in reality are poor little stupids nothing more, plot I've lost two years fighting in a semi silent mode with those insects that are professors in the institute and in different courses catch new victims to manipulate searching for boys and girls with difficult family situations to recruit new adept or in this way of mean new soldiers. Because those structures are paramilitary. Like in the "Illuminati" pseudo dictatorship.

I have found three or four totally masked in the organization chart and quickly referred to what was the principal of the institute.

For me the fraud "Illuminati" that have induct to suicide an enormous number of victims and reduce to be a little narcos or prostitute another enormous number is something that have been elaborated from this sept.

The first time that I drive a car with license

My father signs

old sign

This is the old sign of my father, this sign is from 2009. You can appreciate an "A" capital cursive letter in the middle of the sign. The "A" is the first letter of the butcher's name.

new sign

This is the new sign sign of my father. It's so strange that a very precise engineer has changed his sign. In the middle you can appreciate a "f" cursive letter, but not capital.

"F" is the first letter of the name of the stupid little bitch that now conduct the "Illuminati" pseudo dictatorship that is changing Europe. A plague in our democracy.

But why my father has changed his sign? Because my daddy has give me in the course of my life suggestions to understand what would happen to me after the age of 35. My dad is in turn a victim of the mafia of the nobility. Andreu and Francesca are the people who enslaved me in the neuronal control network. The tool of the nobility mafia.

Friends of mine that have died in strange circumstances


In Genoa in the last thirty years a couple of friends or known people have died in accidents, overdose or suicide:

Now rest in peace of you, my friends.

Let's start with some considerations. First of all I really don't like esotericism, occultism and secrets. Not even numerology, astrology and mysticism. But I can find and reveal them. They are all done to create mental confusion, sept, adepts, ignorance and death. But remember if you know the correct interpretation keys you can understand about masonry, clubs and nobles. And save life. And help victims. And help target individuals, the in this key of read are masonry victims lost in rituals.

In those deaths the number 9 is always present. In subliminal messages voice services they say that I've got the Machine number 9. They call this the world backwards the 9 there is the 6 here. 666 is the number of the beast. What I think about? The machine number doesn't exist and who is victim got this number.

Me and Saray are victims of a sept. Please help. But what are sept? Games of nobles to obtain money with prostitution, drugs, betting and so son. They call this game and they play with our life.



One fact so curious that I always being in deeply love with Spain. From when I was very young I usually travel for passion and curiosity to this country with some friends or alone. Every years all the summer I go to Spain and travel I was traveling with my backpack and little money in my pocket. Those are the provincial capitals that I've visited :


When I was young my favorite territory of the Iberian peninsula was Euskadi). I remember when I fall in sleep in the Euskotren. Those phrases are for you Basque people:

San Sebastianetik Bilbao. tren urdina, landa, itsasoa, jende gutxi eta errepikatutako geldialdiak. isuri berdez inguraturik, goizeko ihintzaz bainatutako belardiak, ozeano usaina, portua, merkatua, arrantza, lurra, ardoa, simaurra, behia, gatz salda, ekaitza, harea, urdaiazpikoa, aldea, gorakoa, askatasuna. mugaldea, borroka, aldarrikapena, jendea, hizkuntza, kultura, desberdintasuna eta batasuna. lur zoragarria. Maite zaitut.

When I decided to live in the Iberian peninsula was the new years day of 2007. Thirteen years ago. I remember that I tell one friend of mine to bring it back to Genoa. His name is Fabio, he works in the betting sector.

Castillejos 219

I started to live in Barcelona in a house that was rented from two friends of mine, or something similar, Simone and Vincenzo. This photo is from Google and it is dated 2008. Castillejos 219 fourth floor first door.

I've got my first resident registration here and next I go to the Barceloneta police department to obtain my NIE number. Next it started the first problem here in Spain. The NIE number was cloned anteriorly, and this in fact is very strange, and used by a Portuguese person that have done bank fraud here in Spain. I go to denunciate this fact a lot of time but no police department take the denounce and I've got to demonstrate to the bank of Spain that I was not in this country when this fraud had occurred and they simply delete me ID in their database without any denounce.

My NIE is X9770628K.

A couple of years later those two friends one day decide to put me in the street and for a couple of weeks a live in the street. But I don't go away, I love Spain and I'm still in totally love with the Iberian peninsula.

A tale that told me my father

A tale

Now I've understand that all my life was a staging.

My father when I was a boy told me different times a tale. An horrific tale. He told me that one time when he was in the country side he go to piss in a cesspit. For some reason he slide down the hole and someone rescue him after he was drowning in human excrement. Now I know it's all untrue and that he was simply telling me where I would have grown up. Obviously all this story was managed with this network, the neuronal control network of the church and the state.

An occult child-trafficking mafia.

Another stupidity that my father or stepfather I don't know because I'm victim of tecnophagia from my family that have put me in a parimutuel betting system in the remote neural control network in Catalonia have said to me when I was young is that one time he went to the Giza pyramid complex to view the inside of the Great Pyramid of Giza. He said to me that he had passed claustrophobia, another Machine derived mental disorder. Remember that in the "Illuminati" fraud one of the main symbolism is the eye of Horus. A symbol present in the ancient Egypt, similar to the eye of Ra.

My father without any doubt have create this plot against my life from I was born. Why? Obviously something related to nobility or church. To protect something very valuable. But also because he suffer of an enormous mental hilliness. Probably derived from some family abuse or inferiority complex very deep-rooted from when he was young, and I don't even know because when I was a child he always been out of our house.

But it can be only because he is a crazy that have used the neural network to deceive a lot of people.

A gift from my father

Gilera Stalker

Gilera Stalker was my second motorbike and my father bought it to me on 1997. Yes, at that time I don't even know what is a stalker. Nor I don't when I was thirteen. I know it now.

This cannot be a random, my father, and only him, in my youth had give me a lot of tips to understand what would happen to me after thirty five years.

But how can he knows it?

There is three possible ways:

In all the cases I'm victim of slavery. They call it a game, but the only game is to put them all in jail.

November rain, 2017

November Rain

The 27 November 2017 I was actively connected to the Spanish neural network in Catalonia. After a gas lighting persecution that have seen all citizens and authorities in Barcelona, the capital of the autonomous region of Spain.

Something very similar to a Nazi racial persecution.

The 30 November 2017 my father, or stepfather I really don't know until I will do a DNA paternity test, send me a very strange email to my google mail account where he starts to use the manner to speak with double meanings that use a professional stalker. And I really don't even know until this date that my father is one of them. A stalker. Someone that use double meanings to say various think with a phrase but that in reality if you understand what he wants to say he will say to you that your crazy. This is the most terrible weapon that use this kind of criminals. Probably my father don't understand that stalking is a crime punished by the Spanish penal code.

This is the email text in original language (Italian):

Ciao, ti racconto ma mi raccomando non dire nulla a mamma perché non vuole che si parli delle sue cose. La mamma aveva un dente finto, incisivo, avvitato sulla radice esistente, frutto di un incidente di gioventù. Passati 40 anni la radice si è guastata e ha dovuto estrarla, il dentista le ha prospettato due soluzioni: fare ponte segando i due denti laterali o fare impianto con perno nel l’osso mandibolare, come hai fatto tu per i due premolari. Il dentista le ha consigliato impianto. Purtroppo per installazione del perno nell’osso le ha causato una emorragia è attualmente ha labbro superiore molto gonfio e due grossi ematomi agli angoli della bocca. Come puoi capire è demoralizzata, inoltre deve fare cura antibiotica e dovrebbe prendere vitamine e fermenti lattici, ma tu conosci tua madre, per lei anche inghiottire una pillola è un grosso problema. Ha fatto questo sciagurato intervento lunedì e sono tre giorni che non mangia, ti tengo informato, tu magari sentila un po’ su argomenti comuni ma ti raccomando nuovamente di non dirle che ti ho raccontato.

I have absolutely no doubt that my family or step family have put me in the gang stalking human hacking scene to obtain incredible revenues and inducting me to suicide.

Probably, and in fact it is because in neural network I've speak with the maximum Church representatives of the Catholic Church and the Spanish monarchy, they have been bound by third to lie me all them lives. What my father said to me in the past could be interpreted as suggestions. One thing is for sure they are guilty of silencing the truth from their only child. Be he naturally son or well son assigned by a corrupted nobility or Church.

This is my personal tragedy, my family have done one son to kill him. Nothing more and nothing less. And this is the true.
Saturn devouring his son

I remember that when I was an adolescent my father tell me one good think: the best decade of a man start when he is 35 years old and end when he is 45. Now I know why he said to me this good think. To destroy my best years in my life. And my life has been systematically destroyed exactly from when I was 35 years old. What a coincidence, really?

Probably my father is affected by a terrible mental complex the one that Francisco Goya have painted in Saturn Devouring His Son and probably he had done the same plot for the love of my life, Saray. But is Mauro, my father, the real culprit? I think that some one very powerful is behind, some big Spanish noble man or certain names of the Genoese nobility.

An elegant shirt cufflinks

A present from my father

On 2014 perhaps 2013 my father give me a present. A present that I've lost in my house when the owner of the same change my keys and I've lost all what my possessions.

One pair of cufflinks. In Italian "gemelli".

Houses where my parents or supposedly friends have entered me in my youth.

As I'm victim of human trade by high class Genoese families my parents, or step parents better saying obviously, have taken me to a lot of houses of big surnames. They are not exactly noble but represents without any doubt who have gained money with my exploitation, thief and gambling. Who have systematically destroyed my life for economic purposes.

I public them because I'm under torture, they want to kill me because of gambling and exploitation. I'm victim of human trade, and I'm a play card of that sadistic game and I don't want to sell drug or to be a prostitute. I don't want to have a baby because I don't want to give them more money from slavery. I write them surnames because I know them, someone very well. And they have born in families that live upon human trading.

1) Dur., it's the contact with military world and Jesuits. I've know her when I was nine at the primary school. I went to her house whit Francesca, who is torturing me every day from 27 of November 2017. Probably her families use Jesuits to hide money from genoese B-side, that is commonly human trade and drug management. Good families that in reality are human trader. They maintain their status quo by hustling and not working. Playing kids for life and not building good feats. People who kill who have let into their house in front of the astonished face of their wives unaware of the carnage that hides behind the wealth.

2) Fa., a good boy when I was young. I know him also in the primary school. He lives near Durand and him name is Matteo. I don't know if he is here, very common that yes he is. But I know also another of the same surname, and yes he is here. Giulio.


"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis