Canyelles, our lost house


A chronological history of disasters

27 January of 2015 - fecal water invades the ground floor

She always clean herself and her baby with wet wipes, but those wipes cannot be cannot be pulled into the toilet above all because the house was not connected to sewerage network of the town. It was a country house with a cesspit. My father when he was young fall into one. Probably this is the next one.

This is was the start of the destruction. Something provoked by a lot of people, my family also, and I and my love have been drowned in this sea of technological shit. And also who i was calling brother, but yes he is. But it's obviously something orchestrated by an enemy, she is a girl. And I know her. And, i really don't know, perhaps she likes caiman. Do you know what I mean, Nanni Moretti?

19 March of 2015 - she lefts me

she left me

This is our lost terrace. Here we made love. And some one say to me on a social network, a cine face. And now I know why, but it is B-side cine.


22 December 2015 - a lighting strike that had to destroy all

lighting strike

Incredible, remember that this chapter it's only about our house. But all in this part it's about destructions. About personal apocalypse. But the real name it's another, I call this digital mafia . And yes with this lighting strike exactly over our house, incredible, all the technology was totally destroyed. And i had an accident, she left me, and so on.

No. This is not causality. This is attempted murder.

But I've got surge protectors, I've lost those goods:

And i was a surrenderer) with a private contract, and the owner had no insurance. And the house begin to decline.

PS: a friend of mine have passed in front of my lost house and see that there is three womans that live inside, as I've seen a couple of years ago. Today is 31 of January of 2021.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis