Overwhelming evidences

Nave Gorg

In this squatting site all the systematic destruction of my life have started. It's where I've known the owl. One of the most interesting person that I've known in my life. And probably the only that doesn't have lie to me. So I've done with him. I don't lie, and it's like two years that I'm saying to him that this is a tragedy.

And it's not him fault. But he is the chief in Barcelona of this "Sagrada familia" band. But it's not him fault. This is a terrible crime done to a good man, that I'm, a crime probably payed by my parents with a marquis family of Genoa, Italy.

It's the Vatican mafia. It's the nobles mafia. They destroy life of people that are game card for Vatican and monarchies. But it's a damnation. It's not a pleasure for him build this destruction. I know because I personally have got the pleasure to know him.

But this is a tragedy. Because I want that it's a tragedy. I'm who want it. I'm not a card. I'm not a slave. I'm not a stupid.

I'm free. There is no limit to what I will do do annihilate this mafia. So yes, it's a tragedy.

Torn Mati

This is how Hospital Clinic in Barcelona have classified my illegal detention at the psychiatry plant. The name "Torn Mati" it's not the mine. The numbers also are from the gang stalking circle. 5 is the number that use the marquis family of Genoa, who have played with me in parimutuel betting system in Catalunya in front of all the persons that I've known in my life and also my family. And yes, this is a tragedy. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not only a B-side audiovisual abuse, it's a tragedy.

I've filed a complaint to his chief, what he has reply to me it's that I was under the effect of drugs, and I don't even take drugs. They have tried to sexual abuse me. And here in neural network my family say that is "a game". It's not. It's a tragedy.

Internet meme

This measures are taken in my old house in sant Pere de Ribes, 08810 Barcelona, Spain. sant Ramon street.

Surveys over 50 are abnormals and I've got some over 800!

Another overwhelming surveys are the video obtained by a normal camera configured with low resolution and possible with a blue led light surrounding. With this simple and economic configuration it's possible to register without using any filter holograms or shapes of stalkers that are electronic torture us.

In my registrations the shape is almost always my mother. In the neural network facility, I think, that the shape is an attribute of a program in the sense that it can be not the real person but only a character that the users of the network wear to stalk you. Here you are a great collection of video that can be taken to a court to blame the nobles who operate in this network, which without a shadow of a doubt is the noble network. That is, if you do not belong to the official list of the nobility, you have certainly been used as a tool or you are a target individual or better saying you are a human guinea pig.

My parents messages

Narcissistic parents

As 2017 I even don't know that my parents, my father especially, were two mental illness persons. Being mentally ill they have done a lot of error during my persecution started actively on 27 November of that year. From the messages I've understood that they suffer of various behavioral diseases and I start to think about some possible scenarios, but it can be all of them together:

I remember that when I was a child my mother and my father always discuss. My mother attach every time my father and he was the only serious worker at home. She was only a professor without a permanent job, nothing especial at all. He was a serious professional engineer and he came from a poor neighborhood, Cornigliano in Genoa. She was son of a more wealthy family, nothing particularly rich, however, already frequented the districts of Genoa well and had a country house as a child. Wealthy people who frequented nobles.

Since my dad retired, unfortunately, he must always live with this woman. Ever since my dad retired he has had to prepare for this persecution of his son for betting purposes.

But unfortunately my father obviously since he has always lived in this corrupt environment at the gates of the nobility with a woman with whom I think he has never made love in his life suffers from horrible diseases. Diseases of the mind due to the fact that he has never been a free man since he attended this environment of a social class not suited to his. Diseases of the mind that he poured on his son since he was never free. I don't think he did it consciously, he is simply a sick person and a man who has lived subjugated by this woman.

But this is only a manner to excuse my father and the other possibility is that he is totally guilty like my mother or that my mother is a victim of my father.

The only true, is that the twos have tried to destroy my life probably by gaining money or perhaps obliged by the nobility even if I have to say that the word obligation seems a little too exaggerated already that if they were clean, something that I am not seeing that they also do not use the personal toilet like normal people , they would have fought with the only son who is probably not even a blood child.

Until 2016 I always have been a business man. Has you can appreciate in my curriculum vitae. So you can understand that money was not a problem for me, and all the money that I've done in my life was legal.

I've never touched the B-side market.

But the monster of narcissistic abuse brooded in my parents sick mind. A personality disorder. But this mental illness it's not the only monster that have grown in the mind of my parents. Remember that I had described them in others chapters. It's important to understand that in those confused brains there are also the culpability, that is not provoked by the nobles presents and I'm totally sure, and it can be detected because of threatening messages from my own father and one in special that is a death threat written in a message:

Death threat father

In the message unlined in blue the translation is:

"You have to loose those fantasies or you will die"

Next there are a lot of example of narcissistic abuse from both my father and my mother, narcissistic abuse in form of control and money. They have stolen me all what I've done in Spain, as you can appreciate in my chapter and they have seen how a small purple bitch have provoked me an accident, and now they give me a ridiculous sum of money to survive which is not enough to eat many times. I also ended up on the street asking for alms and collecting cigarette butts many times, all this in front of an excited nobility for betting on my penis, which in my case does not give me bread. Like this music from Elio e le storie tese.

In that case is my father doing this kind of control abuse over his son after a persecution and the systematic destruction of his life; just so curious. You can appreciate as he control me over small amounts of money, denying me ten EUR to eat. Remember that I've always been working in my life but yes sometimes he help me. I've been always a telecommunications entrepreneur.

Always speaking about narcissistic abuse you can see also my mother doing me a speech with connotations very close to madness talking about a model of an electric keyboard.

Another curious message this time from my mother, is about the remote parimutuel betting system where I was played like a game, sometimes they call me in radio frequency a game card. A play card. A joker.

Juego de Cartas

I start speaking about a "card game" and my mother reply:


The word briscola in Italian is a card game but my grand mother call like this also a clever and cunning person.

But my parents mental disorders are enormous, and probably they even don't realize that they have destroy my life for those disorders.

I am alive with a miracle.

Someone have speculate over them, nobles families. One Catalan and one from Genoa. Perhaps also a Catholic group called Communion and liberation.

My parents are the reals target individuals. They totally sick and they have been grown in the mental asylum of the Church with this hell radio. I'm alive with a miracle, daddy. And this is the only true. Or you understand that I'm alive with a miracle or I have to put you in a mental asylum. Your woman have destroy all my relationship for mental sickness.

My work, my love, my pets, my house, my friends, my motorbikes, my arm.

Your woman have destroy my life and probably she has kill her parents for mental sickness. Daddy, use your brain. You've lost the north.

Daddy you and your woman, that probably is my mother but I don't even know because she is totally crazy suffer also of those mental illness:

Look at how many times you call me at mobile phone even if we speak and you see me in the remote neural monitoring network. And you say that this is not true:

He usually speaks about drug, but I don't even take drug from very long time ago from when I was an adolescent and he doesn't even know, to cover his narcissistic abuse over a man of forty years that have lost all of his work for his mental illness. I'm sorry dad, you've to understand that you don't stay well. Your brain is sic.

But this is not only mental sickness. He is guilt. Another type of threat that is using my father by message, by email and by talk is the threat to go into psychiatric treatment for not sure what disease and taking medicinal psychiatric drugs that I have never taken in my life. He's very smart because that's exactly what I have to do with him. The problem is that this tug of war between father and son due to I don't know exactly what filth or crimes he made in his youth is causing his son to lose the best years of his life when the same father had indicated to him that they would be from thirty-five to forty-five . Interesting because the systematic destruction of my life started exactly thirty five.

My father is a slave to an infirm woman. I remember as a child when at six I already told him to leave her because she always threw her scary screams at home when he returned from work. He always worked and instead of being grateful, this harpy screamed. She is the monster, unfortunately he has become a kind of slave. Unfortunately. But I'm free and rather I'll have them shut down in some mental health institution.

In radio she says they have been preparing her for years to annihilate her son. Who? In reality she throws it on the mystic, but in madness she lies completely. It is nobility.

Why is my dad, a good boy worker in a poor Genoese neighborhood, so dominated and victimized by these useless noblemen? Why don't you realize that the cold war is over and this fascist technology is completely out of date? He is an engineer and this makes me think he is guilty. Unfortunately.

He is present without any doubt in the remote neural monitoring network application of my parimutuel betting system about my suicide in the target individual program that is transmitted over the wireless brain machine interface in the Barcelona Collserola tower and instead of helping me to do a compliant with his testimony he follows with narcissistic abuse on first of July 2020. Why? He has got fear of this technology? No. He is an electronic engineer with a great career and a lot of culture. He is totally guilty. Unfortunately he is a completely bipolar and very intelligent man. Normally parents are not guilty and are guilty of stalkers. In their case, they saw his son tortured, raped and deprived of any direct. I say it with tears in my eyes.

Evidences Mauro

On the 14 of July of 2020 as I published my Spanish version my father immediately write me a Whatsup:

Whatsup 14072020

Machined bipolar horn

Mauro Giuntoli and Vieta Pascual

Do you remember that in the systematic destruction of my life I've been forced detected in Hospital Clinic in the second floor? The psychiatric one? Here the primary doctor is:

This doctor is a luminary in the treatment of bipolar horn. Do I suffer of bipolar horn? Absolutely no. And I want to underline that I don't even take any kind of drugs from when I was an adolescent.

It's just so curious in the first email from 18 of October of 2019 my father send me the contact of this man in form of vCard, to have a this kind of contact in Outlook you have to physically save the contact. If you have in Outlook is that you have previously contact it by email, so you know him. But how can be possible? Why my father know the primary doctor of a Barcelona's hospital?

It can be because he knows him. Perhaps because they work together in this nobility filter. A facility that produce slaves.

Some messages more that my father have send me recommending a psychiatric visit:

Obviously I've done a complaint and a impeachment to the hospital were I suffered the abuse.

My father is present without any question in this network, the slaves network. My father know that I'm the victim of the most articulated crime never committed to a single. In radio my father say that he is the father of Francesca, a man who has die many years ago. This is because this marquees cartel want to give me the guilt of all. This man, named Renzo, put me in slavery when I was born but my parents didn't do nothing against them, and this is why in part yes they are guilty. My father known that I'm actively tortured with voice to skull messages every day and with a lot of torture more. And this is the messages, narcissistic abuse messages, that he sends to me at date of 20/7/2020:

Whatsup 20/7/2020

On 23 of October 2020 my father from nothing send me this absurd email, I solemnly declare that I do not use any type of drug. And the time of the received email I was at home working as usual like my mobile position and the two persons that live with me could declare. This man is using this facility and have participated to the systematic destruction of my life and my intent of murder. Full stop is totally absurd but this is the only true. He always speak about mental illness, he participated in my gangstalking.

Is my father connected to the Barcelona Mafia chief that have organised my stalking? Yes, for sure.

My father

This is my father saying to me that I cannot go ahead with my work of public compliant in Internet about the suicide business Mafia that I'm in. He says that I've only to go ahead with my work and to not dedicate 1/2 day to this full disclosure. I've understand all about, and is a crime against humanity. I'm victim of nobility and Mafia. My parents doesn't help me because probably is something older than me, something that isn't about me. Perhaps I'm victim of child trafficking. Perhaps. Or probably it can be child trafficking of more than a generation.


On 18 of November 2020 this is my father saying that I've got obsessions, obviously he is guilty about the systematic destruction of my life and something else. I don't really know this and this is a tragedy.

18112020 Whatsup

I want to specify that my father is totally guilty because he wants to blame an invented addiction to drugs on the result of three years of torture using electromagnetic weapons since I have obvious symptoms of attention deficit syndrome. It is a form of implementation agreed upon between him and the machinists, torturers, of my torture environment. The goal is not to make me receive even a pension for being tortured but well to sell me as a drug addict which is totally false.

He's always talking about chemical and obsessions. This man is totally guilty.

On January 10 of 2021 I was just speaking about torture in my social network because of public complaints about electronic weapons that a fascist family from Genoa is using to torture me. My father, a stupid, tell me to just shutdown my public complaint. This is the only true.

I'm doing a complaint to denunciate a mobile thief from the head of the non state actor Mafia and my father promptly send me this shit. He's totally guilty to see her son to be tortured.

On 26 of April 2021 I've just posted a message of compliant in twitter and my father reply this shit:

The most strange think is that he says to me that he doesn't have twitter and I post on it. So why?

Strange case my father had very marked dark circles at lunch today. In fact, the torture of the night caused my post on twitter, a social network that he does not own. So he immediately sent me the message about the psychologist afterwards. Unfortunately my father is an engineer of this fascist family and he betrayed his son all his life by telling him that he was a leftist. He always talks about drugs, obviously he is a consumer or a seller. Or simply how Cristian died accused of a drug addict is an excuse for him. In the corruption circle where I was locked up in a psychiatric, an analysis indicated consumption when I am not taking drugs. And I never took.

27/08/2021. As you can see reader, my father follow to speak about drugs. It's very strange, but not so much, because I'm doing compliant against the fact that I'm victim of racket, the Ligurian racket where Francesca is the chief, I'm victim of Cosa Nostra, the mafia that work in human trade, so I 'm victim of human trade and cybertorture a form of torture that thousands of people in Spain are denunciating. He follow up with drugs...a friend of mine in 2016 was killed by the human trade network in Genoa but police speak about suicide. Others people here in my cell of exploitation transmitted by electromagnetic weapons say to me that him parents have done the same type of "work", saying that them son was a drug addicted. Remember that in hospital Clinic they have give to me results of analytics totally false and I've done a complaint but the court say to me that there isn't any crime behind. This is false. The chief of the hospital plant in the same doctor that my father speak about.

Readers, I'm victim of European human trade, and victims are killed by provoked suicide with electromagnetic weapons and parents just say that them son was a drug addicted. This is very very very sad.

Barcelona street art


"Gruñon". Sometimes Saray call me in this way. It's something more than curious don't you think so?

This image was taken in the inside of a metro station in Barcelona, L1 line Universitat red line. But this is not the only one that I've found. This word is not common and no one know how she calls me. How can be possible? The remote neural monitoring network. We were not alone.


This other was taken always in the entrance of a metro station, L3 line Lesseps green line.

But her son call me with another nickname, "Titi". This was how she called me. And look at what I've found in those years searching for her mommy, victim the nobility mafia. Because of her surname probably.

Grunyi street

This is also so curious. Finding hearths 3D stickers upon the odonymy of an ancient street in Barcelona:

Titi in sant Pere de Ribes

This is a graffiti in the main square of the little town where I'm living now, sant Pere de Ribes. It's curious don't you think so? This mafia is capillary and has got a lot of "department", they have got a street art crew because of street theater. Doing this you start to think to be different from the others and it is just to force your mind. To create a slave. A low class drug seller. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's a unknown but not hidden pseudo dictatorship. It's the nobility that is destroying our united Europe. We've got to stop them, to stop corruption.

But this is not the only graffiti that I've found. On the street I've found a sticker a lot of time:

Titi sticker

It is normal? No it is not.

Look at my instagram, there is a lot of evidences strictly connected with street art and street theater that are part of the nobility mafia. But it is also used by the resistance, a movement against this mafia. By the way I think that also the resistance is a game of nobility to give to slaves a little bit of hope. The only hope that we can have is to put in jail all of those corrupted nobles, remember that not all nobles are corrupted. Is there where I've got to find a a good support to clean the nobility. Spain is an excellent country being a monarchy. Monarchy of the most powerful family of the nobility, the house of Bourbon.

Please help Felipe VI of Spain a citizen is publicly denouncing a terrifying abuse against democracy.

On 17 of August of 2020 in Barcelona someone have painted this in Barcelona:

Other images in the street art scene of the city:


Bitcoin wallets and Vatican related European fiscal semi paradises

Bitcoin wallet as overwhelming evidence

One of the most clear evidence at the moment to demonstrate that I've been victim of parimutuel betting system in the remote neural monitoring network from November 2017 is to indicate to police, in my case the Catalan autonomic one Mossos d'Esquadra is being user of a Bitcoin wallet. But there is some complication because a lot are anonymous. One think that it can be done is to analyze hard disks of all technological device of who have been present in this suicide game where almost all the people that I've known in my life, and this is the strongest point of the nobility mafia, and searching for deleted applications about crypt concurrencies.

But there is also web applications in fiscal paradises that without a verified registration permit that an anonymous user got a crypt wallet. This is a little bit difficult to obtain but it is possible.

The other option, and this time is almost true and is the only secure route to fish the big nobles families behind, is to analyze those little states in the European continent famous for them semi obscure banks. All are connected with the Vatican central bank. In my opinion the focus has to be over:

Nobles always mix the play cards, so for a layer more of security it's normal that from Spain they use the Italian and from Italy the Spanish. But nowadays those banks have raised a little bit the smoke curtain in front of the European Union.

Europol and the Guardia di Finanza Italian fiscal police are a good place to start also. The bad ass think is that in this hell network have played also important and known politics figures of the twos countries. It has to be a very serious investigation.

I write to preserve my life, please help monarchy of Spain and Italian Republic.

Saray evidences


Those are two missed calls of the ancient number of my ex girlfriend Saray that I've got received in my Skype account one the 13 of December 2018 and the second the 28 of June of 2019. The first time that I've got listen to her in the remote neural monitoring network in subliminal messages was on July 2018. For one year I've search for her in all the city walking as I've write in my chapter dedicated to her. She is a victim of this mafia, and she needs help to escape from it. She is a mom, and a wonderful woman. They utilize her and they've got to be put in jail.

I'll do it for you sweetie, I promise.

180 emails to Saray but no reply

It's from July 2018 that I'm trying to catch Saray, I've written to her 180 emails without any reply. I'm very surprised because all the pornography images that I've found of her.

This is why I've written all of this book about the target individual European program, the remote neural monitoring network and the SPECTRAM lobby, that is the real name of this slavery lobby.

Where are you sweetie?

Saray porn evidences founded on the web

Those are the number of images and videos of pornography that I've found about Saray and people with very similar physiognomy obviously uploaded to obtain my suicide.

Radio spectrum on the night between 9 and 10 of August 2020.

radio spectrum under attack

This is the power of the remote neural monitoring network in the tower of Barcelona. The principle access point of what aristocracy call "the game" or "techno". It's technocracy. I'm a target individual from November 2017 for money. Aristocracy want that I commit suicide. Francesca a marquees from Genoa is totally guilty behind a drug cartel that have disrupt Barcelona.

In this night, with my parents that have come to Spain just today, they attack me with ultra high voice to skull subliminal messages all night long.

Look at the spectrum! It's a terrible abuse and a technology totally illegal. Aristocracy is torturing me. I know ALL THE NAMES BEHIND.

Normal spectrum

ELF transmissions in Marina district, Barcelona.

This horizontal graph in the Marina zone indicate that Gamma waves are replicated by radio devices in the Marina district of Barcelona. With gamma waves it is possible to inject into visual cortex second life like worlds. All done to stole, to suicide and to do sexual harassment. For mind control the real problem is that those frequencies aren't illegal they are not regulated. Stalkers can transmit them without any control from telecommunications market. The manner to stop this abuse is to investigate purposes of those network. Who sell those services sell to criminals. They don't do any crime but fiscal ones. Crypt concurrences is the key.


ELF transmissions in Viladecans city, Barcelona.

As you can appreciate the radio transmission in ELF it's present also in Villadecans, province of Barcelona. In sant Pere de Ribes there are two antennas on the montgros mountain but someone have closed them because in this frequencies there is a protocol modulated into the radios. In ELF in Spain people can work and all the B-side is administrated with.

Has you can appreciate in Viladecans signal is very high, -48 dBm is very strong signal. Those frequencies are not regulated so what an investigator have to denunciate is how it is used. But not the provider. This is the key, clients have to be investigated, the provider doesn't commit any crime.

Scam numbers that do telephonic stalk to me

Scam numbers


From 2013 I was inserted into a chain of systematic destruction of my life until in 27 of November 2017 I start suffering of electronic torture all day long.

The most interesting think is that in my chain of destruction have take part who I considered my love, my best friends and my family.

Electromagnetic weapons wounds

Video collection that prove existence of electronic harassment

STOP sexual violence in the RNMnetwork

All of those videos are originals obtained by a normal webcam with low resolution option and some times with a blue led light that help to sand out the evidences of holograms of person doing stalk to me and torture me with electronic harassment and sexual harassment.

I'm violated in this network from November 2017 by two big nobles families the same that I'm speaking about in this chapter.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis