Phenotypic traits of Riccardo Giuntoli

Blue ice eyes

So now it's June of 2020 and it's like three years that I'm persecuted and electronically tortured in Barcelona, Spain by two big noble families. One Catalan and the other from Genoa, Italy.

In my life I've been always a good man, always giving to others my friendship and love. It's so curious in the remote neural monitoring network almost all the people that I've known in my life have bet in remote parimutuel betting neural application in a virtual casino. They have participated also in continous humiliations in subliminal messages voice service of the facility. All is transmitted to my brain. all of those interferences to my five senses have got like the Unix shell, or better saying like an interpreter, a wireless brain machine interface. All is done below 8.3 KHz the limit of the regulated frequencies and masked probably behind TETRA antennas installations in the Catalan territory. The brain machine interface is without any doubt a military applications, the same that is in use by Spanish military forces.

I'm trying to understand why I'm persecuted by those families and after analyzing my DNA l will start with phenotypic traits.

This is my right blue ice eye. It's curious my eyes color is similar to the one that has got the magnificent Juan Carlos I of Spain. Some stupid noble is torturing me every day probably also because our similar color eyes. But obviously I'm not of this family the House of Bourbon. The strangest think is that I'm asking publicly for help to this big family because unfortunately in their Catalan border territory I was persecuted by fascist gangs in front of the cameras of the Spanish state. I preferred the public complaint because of the enormous gravity of what happened. So I allow myself to name you also:

King Juan Carlos I. Help.

As you can see also my Italian national identity document my eyes, occhi in Italian, are azzurri.

Natural flattened nose

This is a detail of my nose. The main bone is visually squeezed. It could be totally natural or well when I was born someone could have broken it specifically to change my connotations. This last option is good in case I'm victim of child trafficking and I'm a bastard born from a sexual encounter between a nobleman and a woman of the people, or the opposite. And this will explain why I'm a target individual in the remote neural monitoring network.

Baldness due to neuronal control

As you can appreciate the neural control has provoked in my head an irregular baldness clearly due to electronic neural control.

An irrefutable evidence in a trial for crimes against humanity.

A present for you

Bigger, bigger, bigger and bigger than.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis