Riccardo Giuntoli, a good man.

A broken clock is always right twice a day

Short biography of Riccardo Giuntoli.

こんにちは賢い人、春夏秋冬、そして再び春。 スペインから抱擁します。 ありがとう。

Riccardo Giuntoli was born in Genoa on March 31, 1981 at 19:13. My mother made me Catholic but as a teenager I have chosen to be an atheist and a political passion with a clear left matrix. I love people, technology, nature and telecommunications.

From good family culture, they have taken care to teach me curiosity for this reason I consider myself able to sit at any discussion table. Deep hatred of violence in all its forms, both physical and psychological.

Sufficient notions of both science and letters; I have cultivated computer science as both systems and information as a passion.

I am very lucky to work on my passion, few people have it.

Of a career path always distinguished for being independent both in Genoa and in Catalonia. Very tortuous course lately interrupted by interests outside my person of which nature was unaware. In strong comeback, determined to rebuild what was lost and fully convinced to meet again with the love of my life. Saray.

Riccardo Giuntoli runs BSD and love Unix.

The first PC of Riccardo Giuntoli was a Pentium II and my father bought it because I always use to open his office laptop connected with an embedded 56k modem to the Internet. I was a curious adolescent with radioham background, CB and SSB. Cycling to the top of a mountain with a motorbike battery, a discone like antenna and a President Jackson. Connecting to Russia and China and using an invented ID. 1 Alfa Tango 13 01. 1AT1301.

A friend of mine, Mauro, which father is an hardware hacker, in his house starts to let me see his oscilloscope and working table with various Pentium processors and various ISA boards. I just started dreaming about information technology science. Mauro was a wannabe hacker. And I don’t know nothing about because of my ignorance and he was jealous about his secret. So my father accept to buy me a desktop system from Intel, he was very restrictive with his son buy me something was not at the order of the day. I remember the USRobotics. And his registered jack. I remember the sound of this device connecting to the network of networks, a slow Internet full of incredible content for a curious mind. The mine.

A beautiful mind .

The operating system was a Windows 98 full of bugs. Mauro hack my desktop in a couple of weeks with a MS-DOS trick in the classic AUTOEXEC.BAT script.

I was just a curious boy and not a professional senior network engineer.

We found a crew in IRCNet. We started a shell provider and started to sell bouncer to the IRC network. We were testers of IPv6 and 3FFE class. We started learning apache, FreeBSD, POLLING, kernel hacking, networking, user administration, IPsec, BIND, and so on. Slowly I joined Unix and networking community.

BSD was my fun, Linux my desktop. BSD was my server, Linux my workstation.

I was a collector of old fashioned hardware buying it in Ebay, chilling with an old style view version of the site. SPARCstation 20 was my joy and obviously NetBSD that “of course it runs ”.

Joined the University but haven’t graduated and started to work as a an independent professional with Unix and web applications. The Y2K glitch passed from six years and in the next ten years I went to live to Spain where I started to work and play with IP over wireless. MikroTik, Ubiquiti, OpenWrt was my daily work and passion. I started to work as the head of the technical department of a ES wireless equipment manufacturer.

My name is famous nowadays in South America and Spain as a professional wireless and WiMAX technician.

Famous in Cuba with government and in Nicaragua with army. Bringing Internet where others could not.

Cisco is also another passion of mine. Multilayer switching, dynamic routing protocols interior and exterior, Multi protocol label switching and so on. Firewalling and deep packet inspection are also my daily bread.

Later I’ve found a wireless internet service provider leading the Catalan market in four years with more that four thousands customers and three hundreds big accounts. Then studied for two years magnetic wireless networks. I’ve amplified my knowledge about software defined radio, ELF and hand manufacturer antennas. My two news projects are Telecom Lobby where I want to public full disclosure technology about neural control and redama.es my new ISP.

All OpenBSD based.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis