DNA of Riccardo Giuntoli

Have you recognized anything in my DNA? Send me information to Mossen Anton Miret 10 2/1 08810 sant Pere de Ribes.

In the last fifteen years in Internet there is a few web applications that are used worldwide to do research about DNA. This acid molecule carry genetic instructions that could be used by humankind to study heredity, that in humans is passed generation between generation with sexual reproduction.

The study of heredity or bloodline could help a citizen, like me, to understand if he pertains to a noble family o to various. That is the reason why I start studying it. To understand who I am and why in the remote neural control facility I've been persecuted from November 2017 and a lot of semi fatal randomness more that I've lived in my incredible life. I start to studying it also to help the woman that I'm love to, Saray. Another victim of this facility, this time probably for her surnames. In my case the surnames doesn't help but I've learned with my bloodline and some somatic characteristic that for sure I pertain to a very important noble lineage). And this why they have electronic torture me.

Now that I'm fighting for my rights in the neural network I've learned a think, a think that I've got to share with you, my readers, to understand how to choose the right way in a common situation. Never fall in the stalking washing machine:

never pass to be an abused to be an abuser .

This is so important and remember that nobles use the art of deception something that derived from the Catholic allegoric figure of the forbidden fruit. Church is totally implied in the gang stalking business. The technological B-side. The digital mafia. Almost all is connected with bloodlines.

23andMe results about Riccardo Giuntoli DNA

23andMe is a Silicon Valley private company working on biotechnology and genetic genealogy obtained by homemade saliva test received by customers using standard post services.

They execute salivaomics over the sample received that have the goal to complain with a genealogical DNA test to estimate ethnic and ancestry of an individual.

I've send my saliva sample on 6 March of 2020 to a company dedicated to the stocking and delivering of medical test among others services. The company is Movianto and the delegation is in Netherlands. From Netherlands. Than it was delivered to US and next the sample was subjected to DNA extraction.

In the first image you can appreciate the ethnic estimation of this private company. Here there are ethnic group that DNA speaking they share similar gene pool, them groups and sub groups:

All are European ethnics groups.

Speaking about ancestry it's important to understand the world haplogroup that are a group of haplotype who themselves are allele that are what explain mutations and phenotypes.

In human genetics two haplogroups are studied:

Haplogroups are labeled with letters and numbers like you can appreciate in the image below.

My Y-DNA haplogroup is the R-U152 and my mtDNA is W).

You can download all the results obtained by the 23andMe genealogical DNA test at this URL:

MyHeritage results about Riccardo Giuntoli DNA

MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform based in Israel. On 28 of December 2019 they receive my salivaomics and got the laboratory results on 9 February 2020.

The ethnic estimation is very different from the other company. And this is very strange. Salivaomics was send as the other with normal post office service. But as the other I've got all the genealogical DNA data to download in a public URL.

As you can see in Spanish language them explication of my DNA is the one that I explain here:

Reasons of this difference could be that ethnic groups are only approximated or that one of the twos samples was manipulated. Remember that I used Correos so if the results was manipulated it can be only from a very powerful hand and I don't add anything else.

The results from the Spanish peninsula could underline some bloodline common with the Spanish crown, but I really don't know. In the neural network someone speak about it.

I will go ahead, I promise.

You can download all the results obtained by the MyHeritage genealogical DNA test at this URL:

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis