Branwashing, an horrible crime.

Yes. And mass media and television owners believe more than you. Do you know TV format? Ok, it's absolutely the same of the pattern used in gang stalking and all others criminals activities of the synthetic telepathy network. It's this a case? No, it is not! In the "Illuminati" pseudo dictatorship most owners are from television and cinema, this is the audiovisual mafia, the digital mafia and the B-side technological mafia. It's nothing more. Television formats applied to suicide cases . Full stop.

Who are the beautiful girls of this '90 photo shoot? Gianni Boncompagni productions " Non è la rai" [3].

In this world, the B-side, people use four meanings for every words. People that don't know rules of this fascinating other side of life, like me, got some difficult to easy understand rapidly what is the real meaning but with some experience and a good music to concentrate us we can understand the real meaning of format (disambiguation) as usual only using wikipedia and synonym.

The word is format:

  1. pattern.
  2. size.
  3. erase.
  4. layout.

Format has many other meanings as well, but with those four it's sufficient. I think that readers could easily understand what i want to say, i this network be careful to listen to every word and phrases in radio frequency because people here are very expert and real meaning is always various way like a conditional) in computer programming.

Ocaml is without any doubt a program language very common in this system.

Drug seller and prostitute preparation

In the remote neural monitoring network, boys and girls are inducted with the radio wave machine to be slaves in drugs and prostitution black market. The techno network follow a pyramid of pains and submission to different levels of power something very similar to the Church and to the military structures. This is a pyramid of slaves, obligated to conduct a destructive life for them and for others. But for them thinks are very complicated:

How they use remote neural monitoring network, different drugs and life manipulation to obtain this kind of psychological slavery that conduct people to be what I've just described? Remember that a lot of girls that work in low class television shows have passed this phase of brainwashing. And no one or almost no one have do a complaint. How it is possible? Because of this advanced technique derive from Middle ages courts. This is the true. And I've not read it in no sites. Now with technology it's all more simple, more rapid, more efficient, more subliminal, more undetectable. Remember also corruption that is a key to understand why people doesn't do a group complaint to fight against this kind of mental and sexual abuses. That in my opinion are the same crime. Like suicide have to be considered as an assassination with premeditation. People that do this kind of work, most likely the chiefs of the facilities, have to be considered as serial killer.

After a three years of brainwashing phase conducted in the remote neural monitoring network by operators stalking, brainwashing with drugs, and loose of principles victims are inserted, depending onto their ages and beauty, into audiovisual industry that is an options. In television programs, nowadays in format. Like the same suggest also those television shows are brainwashing. Young beautiful girls are use to aliment nobles in destructive orgies and extreme sex.

Drugs used to obtain slavery.

Fair right and mental health diseases, those drugs are used by military involved nobles to create "tortured who torture", tools used to grow a lot up the global human trade network.


Methamphetamine was synthesized in Germany in 1937 and commercially released in 1938. It became a popular stimulant for tired night workers and a recreational drug for young people until mid-1941 when it became a controlled substance. It was abused by the armed forces during World War II when it was distributed by some commanding officers (occasionally over the objections of the units' physicians) to prevent or treat the fatigue of exhausted troops and thus allow them to survive, despite the strict restrictions issued by the Army Inspectorate. There is no evidence for the claim that the use of Pervitin was encouraged by the Nazi government to create a "superman." In fact the Health Leader L. Conti strongly discouraged its use.


Brainwashing has the first step to end in suicide, passing for sexual exploitation. I refer to one phrase that you can found in a good article [8] about Walt Disney and the fact that part of him works was used by CIA in middle '70 in the mind control program, part of the cold war:

"Films like Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland were reportedly a staple in mind control programming, as the imagery optimized the traumatized victim’s ability to dissociate and accept programming instructions ."

It refer to the act of "dissociate", remember that ketamine is a dissociative, in conjunction with "accept programming instructions." Recently someone have do it with myself, a man of 41 years. So amusing.

Is very interesting the fact that the figure of Walt Disney is connected from FBI and CIA to nazism, pedophilia, mind control and so on. Who was Walt Disney? I don't know what I can suppose that he was without any doubt an enormous business man. How it is possible that all these shit is what I was suffered? And from I was young? How can noble know what a man can do in power? Why nobles destroy with always the same shit life of people that could build something good in their environment? What the hell they think that they are? I really don't understand.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis