The Catalan's goods

Bingo augusta Badalona

This is a recent shoot of the bingo) Augusta in Badalona. You can play the bingo game or do sports betting. But we've said before that people bet over network's victim. And yes, i think that many bets are mask beside other legals bets. Like the ones we find here, in the bingo club.

Why I speak about Badalona, because i know him there and i love this city, little tourism and the wind smell like Andalucia.

The Catalan metaphor about greyhound racing

Greyhound turn

In Catalunya the medium high class society play the game of remote parimutuel betting that i've described in the part one.

But they don't bet about dogs, or what so ever animal. They bet on humans. And i'm a victim of. It's a tunnel without end where you don't have any relation, you loose all your friends, also your family play and, in my case, a girl that i'm was in love to act like she need help.

And i've done four thousand kilometers by foot in the city of Barcelona.

I've resisted to all kind of brain washing system, gang stalking, threat and rape. Guns on my face. Motorbike accident. And so on and i will explain better all of those fantastic events in the part number four.

And i received every day any type of threat in radio frequency.

They say that they sell her like a prostitute. But she doesn't call me.

And time is past. And i cannot wait more. Two years has past. Five years that i don't see her. But because seven years ago i've said "i love you" for me is sufficient to have done all of this.

But it's only about bet because she has to act because she has a baby and yes i still love you.

What i want to explain here, dear reader, is how Catalans bet in this shit. They compare dog breeds to humans. Could you tell me if am I a dog sons of bitches?

Am I a dog?

The reply is one: no.

But it's yes for some high class revenue profile, fascist derived. Womans. A lot of. This is how you can be classified but also is how they gain money in them Andorran bank accounts. It's only about sex, kilometers, masturbation, orgies, drug abuse, and stupidities like those. There's three class of dogs, who is the legal owner of the dog in this B-side abuse network gain money and think to be your owner like if you are the dog.

Incredible, but yes it is. And it seems to be Aristocratic derived. Yes it is but not only. Also in the underground world there's some copy of this noble tradition. Sex is noble, drugs are underground. But noble are also the owners of the underground and this is the true.

  1. Catch dogs, and why i've got blue eyes in a particular way the blue color Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The legal owners gain a percent if the victim sell drugs. If you don't sell after two years that they opened you the brain , this is how they say when they simply activate to subliminal voice service and the visual cortex read, they will kill you like a combat dog that loose. But with who i'm in competition? Could he possible be who i was calling brother? And the most important think I don't sell drugs.
  2. Spanish galgo. This is sex related. The legal owners gain a percent if the victim got sex and suffer about premature ejaculation. Remember the name contain the word "spanish". It's a dog very common here in Barcelona, Spain. It's like one year and a half that i don't have sex with a woman and i don't like mans. And they touch my penis continuously with radio frequency. What it is the result. It's obvious the skin over the gland is irritated and lost day by day cells. So yes, if i've got a sporadic relation, that i don't like, because of threat it's very common that i'll suffer about premature ejaculation so the owners will gain. Absurd but true.
  3. Great Dane Dog. This is also sex related. It's about masculine anal sex. But i don't like homosexual sex. But in a particular provoked situations they can violate me. And i a man but i don't have any shame to talk about it publicly. If they violate me they gain money!
But what is the real final goal of this shit? Obviously the sold of sex amateur videos. With this technology your privacy is destroyed. In your home there's people masturbating. Old people. Millionaires, nobles and church priest. It's not a joke. It's the fucking true!

So I'm totally isolated by this betting system.

My ex girlfriend play this game with one man, what is the game?

People in remote bet over the number of sex penetration that they have during sex, number of time they got sex, how many lines of cocaine they have, how many times they got an orgasm and so on. This is physically.

What does this method obtain?

Saray have entered in a mechanism about drug, about sex and so on. Her brain couldn't escape. They sell her, they put her in swing environment and she doesn't say nothing. Se cannot see her baby.

They have virtual rape her.

The audiovisual Catalan industry

Nadie sabe nada

Andreu Bonafuente and Berto Romero are two TV and radio presenters working in the Catalan radio cadena Ser and in the format producer el Terrat. The twos work in various TV and theater show in Barcelona. They are great. But in some kind of manner, it's seems incredible but yes it's true, sometimes they do gag over what have passed to me and to my ex girlfriend. And this is profit over a misfortune and i don't know if it is completely legal. And the most important think is how it is possible that a TV format producer or a radio company know about a victim of the Catalan killer wireless network? The answer is so simple. Owners of the network sell our mishaps to people who write screenplays.

Special service prostitution

Salesia Badalona

Women that captured with the Machine in reality are sold and also them babies. They call this special service and it costs thousands of current money, euro, probably transferred to Andorran bank accounts.

Those pigs buy womans, that in reality are not prostitute but are brainwash victims and then constrained by the radio waves machine with pain and with coercion, for horrible services including coprophagia and others bestiality.

They use to drugs them with stimulants like dopamine, hallucinogens and dissociative like ketamine.

In this method in Catalunya have dead thousand of people including the wife of a man that i know. And my ex girlfriend has suffered sexual harassment and violence for three years, and also her baby.

The saint Antony chain of suicide

Chain of sant'Antoni

All of those goods are related to a chain of saint Antoni translated to the humans in a suicide induction a bet version. Saint Antoni was object of popular catholic devotion. In computer science when someone receive a mail of a chain letter if he is an ignorant eh would resend it to all is contacts like the same mail asks. Normally a chain letter contain an hoax or a confidence trick or a virus like the old ILOVEYOU. Was an infect method utilized in the 1990s.

This is how works the suicide bet chain in Catalunya, and yes it's church, monarchy and military related. And yes the "Illuminati" digital mafia base their revenue in this shit and another like drug market, prostitution and so on. But this is one of the most important profound for them.

  1. The chain has started many years ago, with who I call the butcher and probably others. But probably this was also a problem when he was a child and he is also a victim. But I don't know. He start to find beautiful girl with the steam machine that simply enjoy them family and enjoy sex. Beauties of nature. Or little girls son of drug addicted or thieves or frequent visitors of the phenomenon Ruta Destroy. In reality in Spain is very common because of poverty and because of very recent Francoism. Who came in Spain to fish? The son of a military family based in Genoa, Italy. The city where i born. A person that came with me at primary school. A military and church affiliated. This is an international scandal. This girls work for a rotten brunch of the Catholic church.
  2. When a woman fall in this chain start to be sold as prostitute, have to destroy families, loses custody of his son, fall in heavy drug addiction. When a woman fall in this chain it's very common that commit suicide. Those who not commit suicide, like the woman that I'm love to, become the mantis tool the I've speak before, or the doe tool. Mantis is used to hunt and to kill, doe is used to enamor.
  3. When a man fall in this chain, suffer mental brain washing, can fall in heavy drug addiction, become a low level drug seller like who I'm calling brother, and can commit suicide. If he resists he become a pig tool or the rabbit tool. Pig is used to create slaves, to sodomy. Rabbit to compete and to fall in love.
  4. In the case that a woman or a man that have to continue the chain of crimes of this parimutuel aristocratic betting system and doesn't match with point two or three he or she be victim of gas lighting and gang stalking. His histories are sold to audiovisual factories, Hollywood and so on. People, all his friends that have fall in the past in this chain and also his family bet over his life. Some girl of which he fell in love are used to suicide actresses, like Saray is, the woman that I love. These work is payed with crypt concurrency accounts and drugs gifts. It is always a constant delay in the day of the much-awaited embrace. It is always a continuous lie induced by the squires masters of the network. If they found a person like this, like me, the only real bet is about suicide. And here play powers from all over the world. Church, dynasties, military. All about the girl is a cine plot. Nothing more. All is false. But the mind of the woman is really affected by the continuous use of the false. Saray is real victim. Is a suicide actresses of special cases like me. In reality she is love with the victim, but she prefers money to be a realized woman. Nothing more. They buy her hearth with magnetic states of an hard disk and they speak only about gold.
My love, you are a tool to destroy beautiful persons. They have raped all your life both the vagina and the mind. you do not want the hand of a person who has declared himself capable of being your friend to take away from this round of infamous vice and sharks that eat the beauty of the soul. You are a lost soul and you do not accept a hand. Look in the mirror without so much powdering your nose. Only it is accepting to rebel against the condition of slavery to which your own parents have relegated you.

Neural applications

La maldición de la corona

From what I can understand by my tremendous experience upon the neural network is possible to create application with a framework without any doubt. This is what they call "techno". Those applications, like the virtual casino that was crated upon my person, got different goals. In my case:

It's common that neural network applications are bridged over IP networks. Probably in deep Internet or blockchain anonymous networks. It's also possible that there are some bridge with satellite IPTV broadcasting facilities.

Certainly it's possible to create neural applications with one target or a group of targets. As who fall in this fraud are target this mean that they are connected to the neural network without consent. So neural applications are all a fraud.

By the way it's seems to be that in Spain almost all citizens are connected to the neural network. Perhaps only in Catalunya.

Let do an example of an application, a normal citizen.

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis