Spanish penal code

Spanish justice

So I live in Spain, I and my ex girlfriend are without any doubt victim of noble games. She is victim from she was a little bit more than a baby and I'm in active subliminal messages and visual auditory cortex injections from November 2017 but I think I'm victim of child trafficking between twos Marquees families from Catalunya to Liguria. Also the church probably is implied. The church and a lot of Italians that I tough they were friends of mine.

But they're not. They bet over my suicide, my virginity from when I was opened and if I masturbate. She is victim of sexual harassment and also of parimutuel betting system exactly on the contrary. How many times she fucks. Or something like that.

I've bought the Spanish penal code to find laws articles that apply in an eventual great criminal trial against all these horrible criminals who only dared to masturbate on the body of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen: Saray. I love you.

Those are the articles of the penal code that could be applied to defend to me and Saray in the persecution ministry, some of them I'm not totally conscious because I'm only speaking with her in this hell network. I really don't know, but yes she is probably one of the biggest target individual in this country.

Articles or paragraphs (Spanish language):

Another possible classification that I can indicate to you reader of the abuses that I'm victim of from November 2017 is:

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis