To squat:

Squatting. Anarchism?

Yes it seems to be. What is behind? Nobles. B-side.

Better say, in monarchies to squat is a normal verb to say and have got a lot not written rules. Are them not written? Perhaps they are written in old mediaeval's manuscript.

But kindly it exist also in the utopian form, but I really don't know.

From a OSINT point of view what is our preferred tool to analyze those properties: the cadastre. Another great tool is the nobility book that every country had where we can find the real nobles families.

It's all public only we've got to find the correct resources and use only the true. Don't trust every one this world its complicated and many people are in slavery like situation or are noble under false dress or are moles.

Squatting in Catalunya

Ciao U
"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis