The Catalan neural applications

What is a neural application? It's a multicast or dedicated radio stream injected into one or more clients, as the clients are humans this injection is in them auditory and visual cortex with ELF radio system. When is a multicast transmission normally one is the victim and others are people that gain money over harassment, exploitation and technology development.

It's an hidden but not unknown world of pains.

Monopoly neural application.

Time has passed from when the first monopoly) board game was published. The principle difference between Carcelona, the augmented reality environment directly injected to our visual and auditive cortex in Barcelona, and these game is that here there are not any manual and targets individuals reduced to small narcos or prostitutes forged by the remote neural monitoring network have not buy or better saying contracted any service. We're forced to join in. We're forced to be a bitch or a narcos by slavery. Electronic harassment slavery.

And institution know it, because in these hell there is a principle think: corruption.

What is Carcelona?

It's a mixed reality environment where people that pay for this service play as in the board game. Where who doesn't pay is a target individual slaved in a parimutuel betting system and inducted to suicide, like me.

Who are target individuals in Carcelona?

I can speak about four categories:

Who play in Carcelona?

In Carcelona play high class Catalans, Chinese, Russian, Pakistan and Italians.

What is the game?

Like in the board game there is houses.

What kind of houses?

Whores, drug sell house, B&B rent, restaurants, discotheques, sex shops, fast food, sales squares, private club, etcetera etcetera.

The most incredible think is that in this remote game play people that are not criminals because is like a video game a sort of Grand Theft Auto. People play to be a criminal, but yes they are and they must be tried in a court for drug sales and exploitation of prostitution as a minimum.

Barcelona is dead, it is like a circus, it has been sold in board game these two figures, the butcher and the purple little bitch. They are destroying Europe.

How they gain money?

Those drug and prostitution facilities are divided in actions like an anonymous society. They gain a percent in crypt concurrency in the monthly revenue.

Why I speak about this?

Because they have systematically destroy my life, they stole my job and used my infrastructure to open this service in Barcelona. They made the woman I love prostitute and destroyed the city. Everyone must be sent to life imprisonment.

The Catalan virtual casino

Virtual casino is a neural application streamed into a multicast group of brain interconnected by the wireless remote neural monitoring network. Victims of Noble's child traffic called target individuals are inserted into those applications that generate thousand of millions of euros in illegal casinos that got has point of betting humans not horses. It's like the old dog and horses competitions.

In this virtual casino normally are present all the nobles from European coats of arms. It's like a group of physics casino's that are legal in the semi paradises Vatican bank states like san Marino, Luxembourg, Monaco and so on. The curiosity is that in Andorra there is no Casino. Why? Because it's only injected. Who administer this facility it's simply a genius. But if you open Wikipedia, you'll find all the informations about and it's totally incredible that normal police don't know about hits. So it's a genius? It's one of the oldest families of Spain nobility, it's someone who has got all the contacts necessary to administrate it. It's a man and I know him.

In this virtual casino cast play with citizens that are victims of nobility from when they was born and that society classified as outcast. In remote neural monitoring network voice to skull subliminal messages service cast always give blame to our friends, our ex girlfriends and our family. It's absolutely obvious that is not the true. Who has got the blame it's only this absurd medieval systems of idiots that maintain society divided by casts.

The only real blame of your personal circle is to not speak about this crime. This is what we've to do. Do an union and go to courts. But people here loose them minds in drugs and in love. Why love? Because womans are used to create mental illness and the blame don't understand that we know that we, all, are all victims.

Thank you. Thank you. Pirate. Thank you, you great.

An evidence about Carcelona

"Perchè signori si nasce, non si diventa"--Antonio de Curtis